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Adventure Smash


Travel through magical paintings to multiple worlds in this epic puzzle adventure. Experience unique match 3 game play with all new game mechanics that take the fun to whole new levels! ► EASY AND FUN TO PLAY, CHALLENGING TO MASTERJump in and start matching! See the cool new special effects of each multiple token match. In some levels clever opponents will make moves and try to block your victory. Discover the path to 3 stars on every level!
► UNIQUE CHARACTERS AND WORLDS Adventure as an intrepid explorer, a brave knight, a star traveling captain and many others. Travel through jungles, explore space and time, find mysterious islands. What will you discover next?
► USE INCREDIBLE SPECIAL ABILITIES!See spectacular effects as you Whip your way through the jungle, Zap your opponents, remake the board with your Wild? Abilities change every chapter.
► CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS AND CAPTURE THE CROWN!Out race your friends to new adventures! Shoot to the top of the leaderboards and win the crown!
► MULTIPLE VARIETIES OF PUZZLESRebuild the ancient temple, collect lost treasure, defeat the dragon, and achieve the highest score ever! Experience these challenges and many more!